Source to Pay - Long awaited change in VMS system17th, May 2020

The current businesses operating in sourcing temporary staff are due for disruption from a long time. In the digital era of successful companies like Uber, Airbnb, and other shared economy-based services and products, the staffing industry operates on the same old model of Customer, staffing vendor, and Candidates. Although there are reasons why the staffing partner (sometimes multiple) exist between who offers and who is seeking work, not always add real value. Some of the redundancy and duplication can be avoided by addressing current trade-offs business do to save on operation overheads.
Are these only reasons why the industry is due for a change?

Easy way to find right skill resources, Insights in skill and availability of a resource, True status of candidate availability, and their expertise.

For most of the industry, in addition to the existing responsibilities, it's quite difficult for the internal HR and Recruitment team to deal with a variety of skills and expertise requirements. Temporary staff hiring is by nature a quick cycle and demands a faster response. Usually sourcing has been performed by a separate team or partnering staffing firm. In such scenarios, the role of a staffing partner is difficult to rule out. However, ultimate responsibility still lies with the Company’s internal team to go through the number of submissions, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates.
What if, sourcing for temporary staff gets decentralized. Managers themselves check the availability of the right skill resource and post the requirements. They get insights on skills, past credentials, availability, demand in the market, and make a decision keeping internal HR/Recruitment team in the loop. What if there is a way to instill confidence in the authenticity of candidates and make an informed decision without taking much help from internal or external staffing team. The platform on which you operate takes up a load of required agility to support this kind of decentralized process.
Trusted business partner for verifying resources for a background check, compliance, and authenticity of skills.
The end clients usually audit their vendors to ensure that due process is followed while establishing a contract. The term of contract like rate (i.e. markup), background check, insurance, etc. However this process of compliance sometimes becomes so cumbersome that it's difficult to guarantee adherence. There are very few staffing vendors who are affront in building trust between Customer and Candidate. There is always space for unknown and it happens most of the time with individuals and small to medium-size service providers. Although it visibly seems like a Company seeking candidates don’t get impacted by it but both sides (Company and Candidate) loose in the long term.

In addition to managing staffing through a trusted business partner, keeping the entire supply chain of service open and upfront will instill huge trust. It will also reduce hiring and onboarding cycle time along with fair practices.
A single mechanism to manage various multi-resource channels like Individuals, Services vendors, and staffing vendors.
When it comes to augmenting temporary staff, big to medium size Companies are always limited by their system and process they use to deal with third-party vendor resources. They are not as agile as they should be when it comes to sourcing, onboarding, and executing contracts.
The biggest hurdle is the system being used. Usually, the VMS system defines the process to be used to manage third party vendors and resources. It’s close to impossible for the right skills resource or companies to get in direct relation with these companies unless they are already part traditional resource channel. The result of it, that companies stay confined with the same set of vendors within the limitation of their system. Companies should invest in the system to manage a multichannel work-force to get their work done.
How many companies are out there where their Team Manager can directly get in touch with the right skilled resource with minimum process hassles and even onboard. It’s always a challenge to manage the contractor within the system and process. Almost all the cases Vendors must follow different systems from different customers and to some extent change for customers too. An open VMS platform to manage a multi-channel workforce without limitation of a defined list of the service providers.
We strongly believe that the industry is far due for a change. It is an employee or employer’s market; fast-paced, less redundant, and highly efficient changes to the current system and process will benefit both allies in true sense.

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